It All Begins With Belief.

Belief is what separates those who claim they have something to say from those who actually say it.

"Who am I to...?"
"Will anyone care?"
"Is this even any good?"
These doubts hold back too many of us from putting our great work into the world. So I could tell you about my background and credentials but I'd rather start with the most important thing to know about me:

I believe in you and I will pour into you until you believe it too.

Morning walks, good books, snuggles with my hubby, interesting conversations, eating nourishing food, and all the farm chores.

daily rituals

Guesting on podcasts, reading and researching, asking questions, lost in deep conversation, or on a farm walk with my goats and pups.


Small talk, the way it has always been done, hustling to prove your value, posting for the algorithm, or toxins in any form.  


Subversion, good champagne, the power of words to move mountains, your unique brilliance, long stretches of silence, and food security.


I work with women who have something to say. Women who have a vision. Women who see a status quo that is no longer acceptable. These women have ideas to bring change, new ways of thinking to share, a perspective that offers something new for people to grasp on to...and I'm here to come alongside these women as a partner. Together we mature the ideas, we create a strategy, and then we bring that idea into the world through the written and spoken word.

Thought leadership is earned when you help people think about something familiar in a new way. This is the heart of real impact and is the only way to spark lasting change. While a book or a signature talk can be an important keystone of a body of work, thought leadership is supported by an entire ecosystem. I'm here to help you think about holistically about the entire system.

When I say "idea", I'm referring to the body of work you were put here to bring forth. It is driven by a vision for how the world could be, rather than an acceptance of what is.

It is one thing to have an idea. It is another to mature that idea and express it into the world in a way that makes people stand up and align with your vision. Think of it like a fire: the idea is just a spark, you still need kindling, oxygen and a little bit of time to fan that spark into a flame. You bring the spark, together, we'll turn it in to a roaring fire...and then decide how to share the flames with the world.

The name Chambre Bleue is an homage to the iconic 17th century French salon of Madame de Rambouillet. A place ruled by elegance and intellectual curiosity where writers, thinkers, and nobility gathered to discuss ideas and engage in deep conversation (and hopefully drink some excellent champagne!).

Michelle Fishering, MFA is a writer, thinker, publisher, strategist, and modern-day salonnière. During her nearly 15-year career building businesses alongside 7- and 8-figure founders in the luxury wine industry, Michelle indulged her passion for books and writing with a side hustle as an editor and book strategist. When she could no longer ignore the pull of her personal mission to explore potent ideas and facilitate profound conversations, she founded Chambre Bleue which is both a strategic consulting firm and a boutique publishing house. Together, the symbiotic entities serve as a think tank for nascent thought leaders, supporting them in building intellectual legacy and income while also publishing their impact-driven nonfiction books. 

When she isn't serving clients or managing book deals, Michelle can be found in avid study of one of her many favorite topics...or covered in mud from farm chores! Michelle, her hubby, and their two fur babies live on their regenerative farm in western Colorado where milking cows, bribing goats, and wrangling roosters is all in a day's work!

Here's the professional bio:

the What Works podcast


a hunk of parmigiano reggiano


anything by Adam Grant


grower champagne


Ted Lasso & Acapulco



My Favorite Things

Fur Babies! Chapala and Huitlacoche. They're always up for an adventure or a snuggle.

my happy

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Long walks and foraging for wild herbs and medicinal plants on our farm.

My amazing hubby, Alex. He's a lover (and a maker) of good food, good wine, good company, good laughs, and good he's the best fly fishing guide and my all around favorite human.

My Favorite Things

Baking GF goodies. Mint tea. Being cozy. Books, all the books. 

my fave
stress relief

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Baby goats! This is Aspen and Olive. I helped mama deliver these cuties in May 2021. 

A cheese and charcuterie board overflowing with fresh, locally sourced goodies enjoyed on a long summer evening around a table with loved ones and plenty of good bubbles!

Our Meet and Greet call is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. We'll talk through where you are now and where you would like to go. If it feels like a fit and like I can support you on your journey, we'll move forward with a Strategic Planning Call.

The Meet & Greet Call

Strategic Planning Call

You come in to this call unsure and unclear. You'll walk away with clear direction for next steps and a clear vision for the scope of your project. You'll also get strategic resources, tools & guidance for building your intellectual legacy, impact, and income.

How To Get started:

A Bespoke Blueprint

At the conclusion of our Strategic Planning Call, I will have the information I need to craft a bespoke blueprint for your project. Along with your blueprint, I will provide options for ongoing work together, however that may look to best support you.

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