Welcome to The Blue Room.

Think of us as your thought partner.

We're here to support you in building your intellectual legacy, impact, and income through publishing books and speaking your big ideas.

Where we turn experts into thought leaders.

When you work with our think tank, we turn your business into an incubator for your big ideas. As your thought partner, we support you in developing your expertise into true thought leadership. From research to concept development to publishing strategy, and beyond. We support and strategize your development as a writer, speaker, and thinker. 

Think Tank

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Under our imprint, Chambre Bleue Press, we publish impact-driven nonfiction. Our publishing model isn't like anything else you'll find out there. We call it collaborative publishing because we're all-in right beside our authors every step of the way - as they develop ideas, and write, market, and sell their books.

Boutique Press


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Our full service speaking agency will not only support you in developing your signature talk, we'll get you booked on stages, help negotiate the logistics, and prepare you to deliver a powerful talk. Whether your goal is a TED stage, adding a revenue stream to your business, or making the big bucks as a Speaker, we've got you covered. 

Speaker Services


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Our Meet and Greet call is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. We'll talk through where you are now and where you would like to go. If it feels like a fit and like I can support you on your journey, we'll move forward with a Strategic Planning Call.

The Meet & Greet Call

Strategic Planning Call

You come in to this call unsure and unclear. You'll walk away with clear direction for next steps and a clear vision for the scope of your project. You'll also get strategic resources, tools & guidance for building your intellectual legacy, impact, and income.

How To Get started:

A Bespoke Blueprint

At the conclusion of our Strategic Planning Call, I will have the information I need to craft a bespoke blueprint for your project. Along with your blueprint, I will provide options for ongoing work together, however that may look to best support you.

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Writer. Thinker. Publisher. Strategist. Idea Architect. Salonnière.

Yep, I wear a lot of hats! And I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm deeply driven to nurture conversation-sparking ideas - both my own and those of my clients. Ideas and the words we use to express them have initiated every important shift in history. A book, an essay, a speech. This is how we lead into a better and brighter future. I created Chambre Bleue to serve you and your brilliant ideas.

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I'm Michelle!