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We pair tailored strategies with robust support and a singular standard of excellence to offer an unparalleled book publishing experience. 

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Collaborative Publishing

The Chambre Bleue Press Publishing Ecosystem

A New Paradigm of Publishing

Your Book's Ecosystem

Publishing is traditionally viewed as a linear process by which a book is created with each activity occurring in a silo, separate and distinct from the greater context of the whole.

At Chambre Bleue Press, we view our role as publishers in a more holistic way. In fact, we consider ourselves stewards of your book's entire ecosystem. This interconnected web is made up of a complex network of facets and strategies that work together to optimize and support the book, your process, and your goals as both an entrepreneur and an author.

"books are a conversation between author and reader. Knowing how your book contributes to or changes the conversation is essential."

Michelle Fishering
Founder, Chambre Bleue

Our Meet and Greet call is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. We'll talk through where you are now and where you would like to go. If it feels like a fit and like I can support you on your journey, we'll move forward with a Strategic Planning Call.

The Meet & Greet Call

Strategic Planning Call

You come in to this call unsure and unclear. You'll walk away with clear direction for next steps and a clear vision for the scope of your project. You'll also get strategic resources, tools & guidance for building your intellectual legacy, impact, and income.

How To Get started:

A Bespoke Blueprint

At the conclusion of our Strategic Planning Call, I will have the information I need to craft a bespoke blueprint for your project. Along with your blueprint, I will provide options for ongoing work together, however that may look to best support you.

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