Holistic solutions for big ideas.

Think of it like this: you have a handful of beautiful threads. You know they could make an exquisite tapestry...but right now it just feels like a mess. We help straighten the mess, select the best threads, and work beside you to weave them into your great body of work.


Think Tank

I can't wait to get started!

Thinking about business this way requires a different playbook from the influencers and experts. As in, strategies designed specifically for you that get your ideas out in the world impacting hearts and minds. That is when your business becomes an incubator for your big ideas and, in turn, your body of work becomes an integral revenue stream for your business.

This is about more than adding "author" and "speaker" to your bio. It is about earning the role of thought leader while building intellectual legacy, impact, and income.

"we are patrons for a new age of authors, trailblazers, thinkers, and visionaries who have big ideas, interesting perspectives, and profound wisdom to bring forth."

— Michelle fishering
founder, Chambre  Bleue

Ideas don't jump out of your brain fully formed, they need to be matured. Working together, we dig in and bring that idea home!

Idea Development

From developing books to building certification programs + everything in between...this is how you grow a business as a Thought Leader.

Strategic Consulting

You identify the topic, we provide thorough interdisciplinary research from a wide range of up to date resources.


Ways to Work Together

Book A Call

Our Meet and Greet call is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. We'll talk through where you are now and where you would like to go. If it feels like a fit and like I can support you on your journey, we'll move forward with a Strategic Planning Call.

The Meet & Greet Call

Strategic Planning Call

You come in to this call unsure and unclear. You'll walk away with clear direction for next steps and a clear vision for the scope of your project. You'll also get strategic resources, tools & guidance for building your intellectual legacy, impact, and income.

How To Get started:

A Bespoke Blueprint

At the conclusion of our Strategic Planning Call, I will have the information I need to craft a bespoke blueprint for your project. Along with your blueprint, I will provide options for ongoing work together, however that may look to best support you.

Get Started